Ear Microsuction

Using a small probe under the microscope, a professional will carefully suck the wax out of the ear canal without having to touch the wall of the ear canal, which is similar to using a mini-hoover. This is considered the safest option but at times water irrigation or combination of both may be used

Ear irrigation

A trained professional will use water to flush out the earwax.

  • Tinnitus counselling and management (ringing or buzzing sounds in ears)

Tinnitus is the perception of noise, without the presence of a corresponding sound source. This experience may be different between people. The sound can vary from a ringing sound to a hum. If you are experiencing tinnitus, a detailed audiology assessment needs to be carried out to rule out any possible underlying cause as mentioned above before commencing tinnitus counselling. 

  • Hyperacusis/ Noise sensitivity

Hyperacusis is when everyday sounds seem much louder than they should. Condition can affect one or both ears and onset can be sudden or gradual. Hyperacusis can have a very negative impact on everyday life, relationships and education. Cognitive behavioural therapy and sound therapy and Tinnitus retraining therapy techniques will help.

  • Noise Plugs

If your work exposes you to high frequencies of noise daily, why not opt for ear moulds? Not only do they block unwanted loud sounds, but also offer maximum comfort for your ears.

  • Swim Plugs

Swimming Ear Plugs are ideal if you enjoy swimming but have grommets or are susceptible to ear infections. Their ‘full shell’ design provides a consistently effective barrier against water ingress into the ear whilst swimming.

  • Ear Moulds

For hearing aid users. We provide services to both adult and paediatric patients.

  • Minor Hearing aid repairs


Ear Mould Adjustments and modifications for comfort

Filter changing for ITE

Domes and slim tube replacement for open fittings