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Patient Information

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Patient Information

Any medical procedure carries a risk. In order for you to agree to the procedure, it is our duty to tell you everything that can go wrong.

Many of the risks below can be minimise by staying still as possible during the procedure. If you need to move then inform your clinician as they can pause the procedure.

Ear Microsuction:

This procedure uses a microscope/magnification loupe to look directly into your ear. Then the clinician passes a small vacuum probe into remove debris/foreign bodies from the ear canal. Risks could include incomplete clearance, dizziness, cough, grazing of the ear canal, worsening of pre-existing chronic tinnitus (ringing in ear) and eardrum perforation (it is a very small risk. If this occurs, your clinician will inform you and will ensure that this is dealt with)

If you want the procedure to stop at any point then just tell the clinician and they will stop the procedure immediately.

The alternatives to this treatment are to leave your ears blocked, persevere with Olive oil treatment or undergo water irrigation/ syringing.

Understanding Earwax

This is not without risks, therefore it is only carried out after careful medical consideration. Procedure can cause injury to ears, ranging from minor infection, acute and chronic tinnitus to perforation of eardrum.

If you had surgery to your ears or have had a perforated eardrum/ ear discharge recently, you must tell the clinician before syringing as this may mean we can’t syringe your ears.

To minimise side effects, the earwax should be softened with softening eardrops. Olive oil eardrops are well tolerated in most people.

It can be uncomfortable to have your ears syringed but it should not be painful. If you experience any pain or dizziness during the procedure, inform us immediately. It is important that the water is at a comfortable temperature, you must say if it is too hot or too cold.

After you have had your ears syringed, keep them dry for a few days as the protective wax layer has been removed

Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

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