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Custom Made Earplugs

Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

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Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

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Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

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Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

Custom-Made Earplugs

Noise-induced hearing loss is the second leading cause of deafness; therefore, proper ear protection is essential. If you’ve been thinking about custom-made earplugs, then you’re in the right place. At Hear Hear Ltd, we provide custom-made earplugs, tailored entirely to you. Our vision is to provide a personal, fast, effective and safe ear care service locally.

Let us protect your ears and hearing. Don’t hesitate to Contact us today!

Understanding Custom-Made Earplugs

Why do I need to protect my hearing?

You may not realise it, but your hearing connects to many processes in your brain including cognition and memory. So, when your ears are damaged by prolonged exposure to loud noises, it is not just your hearing that is impacted. Ensuring that your ears are protected is essential for ear health and making sure that you don’t suffer from hearing loss.

Troubleshoot Common Hearing Aid Issues

What is a dangerous decibel level?

Depending on your work or hobbies, you may be exposing yourself to long-term or repeated loud noises. Sound volume is measured in decibels or dBA. Sounds louder than 85 dBAare proven to cause hearing loss. Here are some examples of decibel levels, some of which may surprise you:

  • Normal 60-65 dBA.
  • A busy high street 78-85 dBA.
  • Lawnmower 85dBA.
  • Motorbike engine or food blender 90dBA.
  • Forklift 98 dBA.
  • Hand drill 95-100 dBA.
  • Heavy lorry 110 dBA.
  • Music venue or chainsaw 115-120 dBA.

Damage to your hearing can start at around 85 dBA when you’re exposed to it for eight hours or more without proper hearing protection. But, there are ways to protect your hearing, such as with our custom-made earplugs.

Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services
Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

How can I protect my hearing?

At Hear Hear Ltd, we offer custom-made earplugs to help you protect your hearing. Whether you work in a noisy environment such as a construction site or factory, or frequently attend concerts, tailored earplugs can make all the difference to your hearing.

Our Custom-Made Earplugs

Our custom-made earplugs are tailored entirely to you. They are designed to fit the shape of your ear canal for complete comfort and protection. This means that you can wear bespoke earplugs for much longer than you could other earplugs. Whether you ride a motorbike or work in a noisy environment, choose to protect your hearing with custom-made earplugs today. Contact us today for your custom-made earplug consultation.

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What are the benefits of custom earplugs?

  • Tailored To You
    Our custom-made earplugs are tailored uniquely to you. This means that they fit your ear precisely for complete long-term comfort.
  • Flexibility
    Our custom-made earplugs are made from flexible silicone. This material will adapt to your ear so that you won’t feel any discomfort, even after several hours of wear.
  • Customisation
    Our custom-made earplugs are available in several models and colours. What’s more, they can also be adjusted to suit the noise source.
  • Noise Protection
    With the right noise protection, you can rest assured that your hearing is safeguarded. Furthermore, earplugs don’t compromise normal sound quality such as conversations.
  • Reusable
    Our custom-made earplugs are a fantastic investment as they can be reused throughout their lifespan.
Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

How To Insert Custom Ear Plugs

  • Wash your hands.
  • Slightly pull your ear back and up – this will make it easier to insert them.
  • Gently insert the plug into the ear making sure it fits correctly.

Looking After Your Hearing | FAQs

Q: Who is most likely to need hearing protection?

A: We recommend hearing protection to individuals exposed to loud noises, either as part of their professional activities or during their hobbies.

Q: How much do custom-made earplugs cost?

A: The cost of custom-made earplugs will vary depending on the repairs required. Contact us for more information.

Q: How long does it take to make custom-made earplugs?

A: The production time for custom-made earplugs will vary depending on your requirements. Contact us for more information.

Think you may need Hearing Aids?

Are you struggling to hear everyday noises? Are you having trouble hearing sounds when there’s background noise? Are you feeling dizzy? If so, then you may be suffering from hearing loss. This is where the specialist audiologists at Hear Hear Ltd come in. We provide professional Audiometry Assessments. Our vision is to provide a personal, fast, effective and safe ear care service locally. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Learn more about Audiometry Assessments here…

Why Choose Hear Hear Ltd?

Fully Qualified Audiologists

Our audiologists are fully qualified (BAAT part I and II, are registered with RCCP (Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists) and are members of BAA (British Academy of Audiologists).

Same-Day & Emergency

We know that ear problems can occur when you least expect it, therefore we offer same-day appointments and an emergency call-out service. We can be there when you need it the most.


Whether you require Hyperacusis Management or paediatrics, we are committed to delivering a 5★quality service for every client that comes to us. We provide you with complete peace of mind.

Let us protect your ears and hearing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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