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Tinnitus Counselling and Management

Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

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Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

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Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

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Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

Professional Tinnitus Counselling & Management

Are your ears constantly ringing? Can you constantly hear humming or whooshing? If any of these sound like you, then you may be suffering from tinnitus. This is where the specialist audiologists at Hear Hear Ltd come in. We provide a range ofTinnitus Counselling & Management services. Our vision is to provide a personal, fast, effective and safe ear care service locally.

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Understanding Tinnitus

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of noise, without the presence of a corresponding sound source. This experience may be different between people. The sound can vary from a ringing sound to a hum.
Approximately 10% of the population, including young children live with continuous tinnitus. Although the cause is yet unknown, it is frequently associated with hearing loss, exposure to loud noise, ear infections, changes or damages to the auditory system or growths compressing the VIII cranial nerve.
If you are experiencing tinnitus, a detailed audiology assessment needs to be carried out to rule out any possible underlying cause as mentioned above before commencing tinnitus counselling.

What causes tinnitus?

The causes of tinnitus are not always clear. However, the causes of tinnitus are often linked to:

  • Hearing loss.
  • Ménière’s disease.
  • Health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorders or multiple sclerosis.
  • Anxiety or depression.
  • As a side effect of taking some medicines such as chemotherapy medicines, antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and aspirin.

If you think you may be suffering from tinnitus, there are some warning signs that you can look for.

Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services
Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

What are the symptoms of tinnitus?

The symptoms of tinnitus can easily be identified. If you hear any of the following sounds in one or both ears or in your head, you may be suffering from tinnitus. These symptoms may come and go, or may be present all the time:

  • Ringing.
  • Buzzing.
  • Whooshing.
  • Humming.
  • Hissing.
  • Throbbing.
  • Music or Singing.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it’s important to book an appointment so a specialist can advise on the next steps. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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Tinnitus Counselling & Management Services

At Hear Hear Ltd, we provide a professional and reliable 5★ service for Tinnitus Counselling & Management. Our services include a range of options to tackle tinnitus, including Tinnitus Counselling. Our Tinnitus Counselling service can help you learn about your tinnitus and find ways to help you cope with it. Combined with our Tinnitus Management services, we can help you find comfort in your everyday life. If tinnitus persists or is causing you hearing loss, hearing aids may be recommended.

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Hear Hear LTD | Ear Care Services

Looking After Your Ear Health | FAQs

Q: Is there a cure for tinnitus?

A: Currently, there is no medical cure for tinnitus. Researchers are still learning more about the condition and how it affects the auditory nerve and the entire auditory system.

Q: How common is tinnitus?

A: Approximately 10% of the population, including young children, live with continuous tinnitus.

Q: What does tinnitus sound like?

A: Tinnitus may present differently depending on the individual. Tinnitus may sound like ringing, buzzing, clicking, buzzing, whistling, or even static. For those with pulsatile tinnitus, it usually sounds like a low, rhythmic thumping sound, similar to a heartbeat.

Q: Does tinnitus cause hearing loss?

A: No, tinnitus is not known to cause hearing loss. If you are experiencing tinnitus but suspect you may also have hearing loss, schedule an appointment with our audiologists. We can undertake a series of tests to diagnose whether or not you’re also experiencing hearing loss.

Q: What makes tinnitus worse?

A: The symptoms of tinnitus could worsen. Some factors that can make your tinnitus worse include stress, loud noises, excess ear wax, allergies and high blood pressure.

Q: Will my tinnitus go away on its own?

A: Many individuals suffering from tinnitus report it going away on its own. However, if you think you may have tinnitus, don’t hesitate to contact a professional audiologist for expert advice.

Why Choose Hear Hear Ltd?

Fully Qualified Audiologists

Our audiologists are fully qualified (BAAT part I and II, are registered with RCCP (Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists) and are members of BAA (British Academy of Audiologists).

Same-Day & Emergency

We know that ear problems can occur when you least expect it, therefore we offer same-day appointments and an emergency call-out service. We can be there when you need it the most.


Whether you require Tinnitus Management or paediatric services, we are committed to delivering a 5★quality service for every client that comes to us. We provide you with complete peace of mind.

Let us help you overcome ear problems and restore clear hearing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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